Personal professional mentor coaching tailored to each client’s individual needs

Personal mentor coaching is a process empowering the individual or a group to change, reach out and express their unique attributes.

This change can be effected in many different areas of behavior thinking and emotion that have become ingrained, and therefore effectively prevent us from realizing our dreams and goals in life.

The driving force behind the process is commitment, of both the client and the mentor coach, to transform aspirations into reality.

The coaching process aims at growth, development, personal and professional changes.  The mentor coach provides effective tools which will unveil and empower the client’s personal potential.

The goals are defined together with the coach. The client learns to realize his potential, in both the personal and professional domains.

The coach works with individuals and organizations interested in optimizing their potential.  The personal coach’s emphasis is on identifying the factors that prevent us from achieving our goals, so that these negative expressions can be neutralized.

In the instance of organizational clients, other elements are incorporated into the process. These elements often reflect the world of sports: teamwork, delegation of authority, mutual support and a common goal. These characteristics are revealed during the process of identifying potential, defining clear goals, focused work on achieving the objective, and overcoming what stands in the way of success.

The personal coach develops a deep, special relationship with the client. It is totally different than the interaction with a customer. The client works with the coach to define goals, to expand vistas, to structure life according to his potential and goals. The coach defines the path, and supports the client along the road until the goals are achieved. In addition, the coach examines, throughout the process, the defined goals, so that they can be adapted, when necessary, to the new, dynamic reality that is unfolding during the process.

Career development and nurturing excellence

Many successful businesspeople engage a personal, professional mentor coach.

During the process they discover that not only their business benefits. They become more attuned to their personal needs and balance their career and personal lives more effectively.

Businesspeople and professionals with amazing achievements choose to balance their professional lives with their personal needs. In many instances, the results surpass their expectations and those of the mentor coach.

Your road to success