Israel’s  foremost mentor coach

Sara Arbel graduated from the world’s leading training Institute for coaching and holds a B.A. in Marketing and Communications from McGill University in Canada.

Sara has over 20 years experience in mentoring and coaching many organizations in global marketing and in building a powerful company image.

Sara’s professionalism, drive for excellence, integrity and commitment have earned her many students and admirers. She is along the few global coaches who have a Certified Coach Master degree which was granted by international institute.

Today Sara is a member of the faculty of the world’s largest institute for training coaches. She is a member of the Judging Committee of the International Coach Federation, which grants certification for coaching. As a graduate of Coach University in the U.S., Sara has been asked to develop and apply her methodologies in the faculty, and she has been active in this endeavor for many years with great success.

Among Sara’s loyal clients are Delek, Elscint, Kitan, El-Op, Kibbutz Industries, Supersol, IAI, Weizmann Institute, Pfeizer and others.


Microsoft asks sara to coach senior staff in the company
Sara speaks at the first international coaching conference in Israel 
Sara joins faculty team of the world's leading coach training center 
Sara receives MASTER CERTIFIED COACH diploma from the International Coaching Federation
Sara starts studying under the guidance of  Thomas J. Leonard, the founder of coach university and the ICF

Major Clients

  • microsoft 127x127
    The world’s leading software company
  • intel_BlueOnWhite_Logo
    A U.S.-based international designer and manufacturer of semi-conductors
  • leumi 127x127
    Leading client - The Leumi Group is active
  • kamada
    Leading pharmaceutical company
  • sabon 127x127
    Sabon Italia
    Chain of natural bodycare products and gifts
  • rgrhe
    Gazit Rotenberg
    Leading attorneys-at-law, established in 1986

Specialization Areas

  • Development of management styles and potential-based leadership
  • Providing mentoring skills for all executive levels
  • Tools for motivating employees and HR development
  • Personal career development
  • Career development for gifted professionals in all sectors
  • Support and counseling for start-ups
  • Internal organizational mentoring courses for executives

How to choose a mentor coach?

A Checklist:
  • Extensive life and coaching experience and the ability to translate this experience into effective tools for the coaching process
  • Developed personal intuition, and the wisdom to interact and empathize
  • Lifetime learning
  • Knowledge of world business and coaching trends
  • Tool kit with a variety of methodologies and skills, enabling the coach to adapt to each individual challenge
  • The ability to “listen” to the other and to understand oneself
  • Autonomous and intuitive authority
  • Personal and professional integrity