Empower Your Potential
Free Your Mind
Unleash your imagination
  • Awareness

    The mentor coach works with both individuals and organizations interested in realizing their potential. The path to significant success lies in the client’s continuous evaluation of the self and its needs, and a total commitment to the goal.
  • Leadership

    Leadership qualities are essential for professional and personal success. A meaningful life breakthrough must be driven by personal leadership. Leadership is not only genetic. It can acquired and empower self-development.
  • Change

    Change can impact many different aspects of our lives. Cognitive and behavior patterns which have become fixated prevent us from realizing our dreams and goals. The foundation of your evolvement is our mutual commitment to the development process.
  • Innovation

    Innovation and creativity are critical in our dynamic times where events change at a dramatic pace. In this world, Managerial innovation is what drives successful, strong companies. Personal innovation leads to healthy, long-lasting relationships.


Your partner for professional and business success

Sara Arbel is Israel’s business and personal coaching leader for many years. She is a leading member of the faculty of the world’s largest institute for teaching and developing certified coaches. Sara has over 20 years experience in coaching leading organizations and companies in Israel and around the world. Among her loyal clients are Microsoft, Intel, Bank Leumi and others.


  • Development of senior executives in global organizations
  • Management styles tailored to the individual’s potential
  • A variety of tools for mentoring every level of management
  • Tools for motivating employees and developing human resources
  • Personal coaching for career development
  • Structuring and developing career potential of gifted people from all professionals
  • Support and counseling for start-ups
  • In-house mentoring courses for executives