Master Minds Supervision Program

Master Minds Supervision Program—Recognized by ICF—40 CCE

Advanced study program for senior coaches. Recognized by ICF—International Coaching Federation. Graduates receive 40 credit hoursfrom ICF

Sara Arbel Master Certified Coach (MCC) continues to strengthen the Supervision Concept, and is launching Master Minds Supervision Programs for senior coaches representing different approaches and methodologies.

Sara Arbel invites coaches from the full variety methodologies to join her MMS program. The program’s goal is to enable the participants to learn about a spectrum of coaching approaches and methodologies. Together, we will create a multi-disciplinary coaching toolbox.

The program will focus on real Case Studies (without identifying the client), and empower a professional discussion and dialogue.

Program name: Master Minds Supervision Total 40 hours of study:3-hr bi-weekly meetings.

Sara Arbel’s Master Minds Supervision Course will cover several levels. The process is based on the presentation of Case Studies
by participants, during which the group discusses various coaching approaches.

The Course protocol is based on Group Coaching. Participants are concurrently exposed to various client couching approaches and
methodologies, including coaching niches such as: career, business, personal, relationships, organizations and more, based on the Case Studies that will be presented.

Participants interested in working towards an ICF degree will receive guidance . Those successfully completing the course with receive
a Certificate for 40 hours of ICF-recognized study hours toward an international coaching degree.

Testimonials :

“When I joined a MMS course a few months ago, I knew I was ripe enough and open to take more and more, and more important, to give more. The truth is I was already interested when you held your first
course, but when I decided to join, I was pregnant again…I have no doubt that the course was a milestone in my own future rebirth, upon the birth of my daughter, and a bit later.

I feel, throughout my body, new flows of energy, renewal, responsibility, and empowering. Another leap forward, or another
stage in the journey with myself, and certainly with my loved ones, friends, clients and the universe’s gifts.

Thank you, you are an enchanting woman.

Meital, Coaching Academy
Thank you for the opportunity to be among the first in such a course, which is an honor for a community committed to personal excellence. Thank you for the opportunity to be one of the coaches who consider professionalism, responsibility, balance, development and learning as their defining attributes.

Above all, there is the inspiration provided by Sara Arbel, who leads the participants with such professionalism and empathy, yet sticks to her standards. Her commitment, wide knowledge and wisdom are all presented in welcoming, accessible and attuned communications, for each and every one of us to choose who we want to be.

Dana Alon
Coaching Academy + CTI

—The group participants’ colors were visualized for me like a mirror that reflects different shades of color. I want to thank you again, Sara, for the possibilities, friendship and training. I love you, thank you for everything.
Tal Halutz (CTI)

Sara Arbel, MCC

Skype: saracoach, Telephone: ++972-3-6483690