Leader in the Coaching Profession

Sara was invited to talk in Paricia Hirsch's radio show on Voice America along with other leaders in the coaching profession.

The annual celebration of International Coaching Week in February reminds us of organizations, institutes and professionals involved in the blossoming coaching industry, and that they have the opportunity to teach, to demonstrate and to present the benefits and results of coaching to the personal and professional lives of people and businesses.

Patricia Hirsch, Master Certified Coach, wanted to explore options to extend the opportunity of recognizing and promoting what she calls the “emerging profession of coaching” and the importance of certified and credential coaches beyond the annual International Coaching Week.

Her solution? To host the global radio show Design Your Life, Coaching for New Choices. Patricia’s radio show allows for an ongoing method of communication on a global scale to bring an understanding of coaching, to explore methods and niches of coaching and to offer insights into the future of coaching.

Patricia has interviewed visible and ground breaking leaders in the coaching profession. Read More