Design Your Life

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Living life from Wisdom VS Knowledge, Letting our own light shine for others to follow is Leadership with Sara Arbel, MCC

March 20, 2012

Sara Arbel, MCC, loves the word Choice. It represents freedom, independence, autonomy, love, progress & truthfulness. When my husband died I was 39 & a mother of 3. Walking out of the hospital door my soul asked me, You have a choice, will you let go of moving on with your life or design your life within a new reality? As I saw the door open I knew the choice. My answer was TO DESIGN A LIFE. That split-second followed me for years & I keep choosing life. I have designed a life oriented around coaching individuals to design their lives, careers, relationships & make their own choices. When my eldest son died, I felt defeated by horrible pain & sorrow of terrible emptiness in my soul. My soul jumped at me again with the question-Are you choosing life? Since I have negotiated & have made a contract with myself renewed every day over & over again. It is the way we relate to what happens to us that designs our character & that is a great asset to our clients.

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